luni, aprilie 12, 2010



Blogger Mihai Cuza said...

Scarile interioare- absolut superbe.

3:00 p.m.  
Blogger Victoria Baltag said...

heiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!! e chiar mai frumos decat in Anglia!!!!!!! cand ma inviti pe la tine? :)

5:25 p.m.  
Blogger Blogger.jinbo said...

night. in bed tossing and turning,chi dazzle, as always, insomnia. habit of opening up the computer, but just sat blankly.

; suddenly is looking for someone to talk to. Shen Feng felt as if hundreds of years, have not had contact with the outside world was.

this desire to talk more very sudden,polo shirts, very unexpected to me. In fact, I am not a person who likes to talk, or even never.

open the QQ, but no one online, even a stranger people do not.

is empty it.

heart inexplicably afraid. I can tolerate loneliness and isolation, but Man this has not curbed the endless void of fear.

especially in such a night, a sleepless night, a dark night,cheap men's nike shoes, a lonely night .

This fear a strong stimulus to me,nike trainers, I clearly feel the waves of the heart frightened quietly spread in the chest.

; I turn on the radio, found that there are people like me insomnia. in the middle of the night, waiting beside the radio to find a comfort against loneliness.

; the total in a casual moment, a familiar melody,flat iron shop, a stir feelings of the lyrics took me easily pull into the memory.

Perhaps, after all, its too easy sentimental.

memory of the people and things once and for all the youthful memories linger from, but warp.

; I listened to the radio singing:
silence should not be the end of this opera love songs Why not spend the reasons you gave me life, I can only wondering ...

walking in the rain I did not go back just to let his dream did not used to loneliness if you do not I can not allow he was no longer sad ...

those old houses are old photos can always have a clear memory of the sweet distant once depression is gathering dust in the fading years of the beautiful ...

singing: Tonight will be no regret and dreams have been shared with you who dream of the future to tell ...

listening, singing, thoughts will be chaotic mess.

look back on a person's loneliness, in 3:00 hours, days of silence, silence, silence ...

9:24 a.m.  

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